bedding bed linen Buddha 200x200

bedding bed linen Buddha 200x200

bedding Buddha black 200x200

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Linen Buddha grey 200x200cm

This bedding is equipped with many details. This Sheets Your bed is an optical highlight and gives the bargain a message.

The fabric is Mikroperkal: A special reserved weaving technique, as is the case for example with Leno or satin. The special feature of the structure of the individual filaments, this turns out much finer, and thus the surface is more comfortable and soft to the skin. Especially with motif linens with delicate patterns or subtle fabric colors a pleasant advantage as delicate color print designs can be ready better with fine lines. Percale acts luxuriously through the gentle, smooth surface.
The fabric is highly breathable and moisture-regulating.

Linen Buddha 200x200cm:
- 100% Microperkal
- washable
- Soft and conformable
- High breathability
- Moisture regulating
- Iron
- fast drying
- Zipper
- 1 piece 200x200cm duvet cover, 2 pieces 80x80cm pillowcase

bedding Buddha black 200x200
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