Foam cut made to measure

Foam cut made to measure

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Foam cutting to order, height 8cm

Please enter the corresponding dimensions in the selection menus. If the foam is to be just, please choose at "width rear" and "front width" just the same measure from.
In conical blanks the "width front" must always be selected as the longer dimension.

Generally all the measurements and cut shapes are possible. If special forms are necessary, we provide you also like a tailored offer. Please take this to contact us.

Wadding: If desired, the foam can be additionally coated with a special polyester fleece. The foam is protected as against abrasion and is therefore more durable. If the foam is to be covered with a cushion material or the like is also ensured that the fabric on the cushion can not slip back and forth. The final amount of the cushion is thereby to be higher by about 1 cm.

Quality and features of our foams:

Quality foam with a stable foam core and a bulk density (RG) 35/50 and the hardness level of "medium strength".
Gross density 35 kg / m³.
Good seating as upholstered cushion for sofa, seat and lounge furniture.
The foam is dimensionally stable and elastic, to a pressure load that returns to the original state.
Proven Quality gem. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

Delivery time: 10 days, the item is produced specifically according to your specifications.
During holiday periods, the production may take some time.

Good to know:
Quality upholstery can be easily identified by the words "specific gravity" (RG). So the quality can be read quickly. The use of special foam padding is an essential quality feature gent. It ensures that the reference is not about slipping on the pad and is also a pleasant comfortable sitting. The foam core is protected from abrasion.

Foam cut made to measure Custom made cutting to order

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