50 LED light string warmwhite

50 LED light string warmwhite

LED christmas lights

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LED Light String
Color: warm white
Effect lighting very decorative and much more (for indoor & outdoor) to trees, walls, columns or as table decoration.
For this LED light chain, there are numerous applications. Let your imagination run wild.
Outside the Christmas season, there are numerous design possibilities. For example, Under the umbrella in the summer as an effect lighting your barbecue ...

The total length of the light string, incl. Feed line is approximately 14.90 meters. Enough light for an eye-catching design.

Technical specifications:
LED color: warm white
230 V / 24 V transformer
Luminaire spacing: 10 cm
Length cable: 5 meters
Color management: green
LED Size: 3 MM

LEDs generate very little heat and have a service life of 20,000 hours, and in this case exceed the conventional bulbs a wide. Also the power consumption is reduced as compared to approximately 90%.

Quality makes the difference:
This LED light chain has a stable outdoor line, it is used also in the pipeline. Therefore, our LED lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The jacket is from external Enflüssen such as Cold, heat, moisture and environmental influence.
Compared: PVC pipes are rubbery elastic, can be easily spoede and are also only suitable for indoor use.

LED christmas lights string warmwhite

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