500 LED lights warmwhite

500 LED lights warmwhite

500 LED light string

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500 LED mini light string
Color: warm white

Effect lighting "warm white" (for indoor & outdoor)
especially decorative on trees, walls, columns or simply much more than table decoration in a glass vase.

For this LED light chain, there are numerous applications. Let your imagination run wild.

Outside the Christmas season, there are numerous design possibilities.

The light string has a lead of about 500 cm. The LEDs are mounted at intervals of 10 cm. From the transformer two LED expire strands, each with 250 LEDs and a length of 29.90 meters.
Enough light for an eye-catching design.

Technical specifications:
LED color: warm white
230 V / 24 V transformer
Luminaire spacing: 10 cm
Length cable: 5 meters
Color management: green
LED Size: 3 mm

Information for Hotel and Tourism:
We also do special products for indoor and outdoor use specially for decorating large surfaces, Warehouses or facades.
Please contact us for this.

500 LED light string christmas lights warmwhite

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