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pads for chair

pads for chair

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Here you order: Pads for chairs, benches, garden bench, lounge furniture, chairs, seat cushion, made to measure!
Select your favorite color and order your custom seat cushion and back cushion just online. Select loops: the loops are located on the selection "width back", 2 pieces each about 90 cm long in the same fabric colour.
If the pad is to be straight, select at "width front" and "back width" just the same measure from.

Why a bespoke of HomeFavorit?
We attach importance to the quality and longevity of our materials. For example, the abrasion resistance is deselben using the "Martindale" determined. Our fabrics have a scrub resistance of over 25,000 abrasion cycles, which standardized substances (10,000-15,000) far exceeds.
Our fabrics have a stain protection and with a sun protection factor. Customised products are manufactured with a zipper and are therefore removable and washable.
We want you to have long friends in your products. For complicated dimensions we advise you personally.

[Here] you find the RENO fabric as pdf-file.

Quality features:
The seat cushions are made of a stable foam core (RG 35/50) with the hardness of "medium strength". This is additionally completely covered with a special upholstery fabric, the foam is protected from abrasion and thus more durable. The final amount of the cushion will therefore be higher by about 1 cm. The comfortable sitting is hereby pleasant and compfortable. Proven Quality acc. Oeko Tex Standard 100th
Soft sheath is made of 100% high-quality PES upholstery fabric with 340g / m²- good Scrub-resistant (Martindale 37000) - stain protection. The cover is equipped with a zipper, this can easily remove and wash (hand or machine wash up to 30 degrees). Perfect properties for a durable use. The fabric is comfortable and equipped with a higher grammage than standard pillows. This means the fabric is thicker and therefore more resistant.
Features: - easy-to-clean longevity timeless and modern- good seating comfort.

Note: The zipper is at the back (drop-down menu "width back").
Delivery time: 14 days, the product is produced specifically according to your specifications.

What is important when buying upholstered quality characteristics and maintenance of cushions, seat back cushion?:
Quality upholstery can be easily recognized by the word "density" (RG). So the quality can be read quickly. The use of special polyester wadding is a key quality feature Morientes. It ensures that the reference is not about slipping on the pad and is also a pleasant comfortable sitting. The foam core is protected from abrasion. The cover is always removable and can be machine washed. Especially in the back cushions we use cushion inlet as filling. These are pleasantly fluffy as we know it from the bed or the couch. The back can relax as well. The special: The inlet is as washable as the  cover. Note these quality indications by making your choice.

pads for chair seat cushion pillow made to measure

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