Snowfall curtain

Snowfall curtain

led snowfall curtain

Snowfall TM
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LED original SnowfallTM Curtain (video at the end of the product description)
Effect - Highlight
equipped board double-sided

Get the stars from the sky (for indoor, indoor), Colour: Cool White

With our LED Effect tubes you can let it snow ... or are there but the shooting stars fall from the sky?

The small incident light points are precisely coordinated so that a distinctive effect arises as a falling snowflake as a dress for your Advent window, christmas tree or other decoration.

Especially nice is this atmosphere with a combination of LED lights in warm white. Try it a try.

One thing is already clear, your neighbors will not believe.

This set consists of 18 LED tubes with a length of 17.5 cm and 40 LEDs / tube, a total of 720 LEDs. Both sides of the board are equipped with LEDs.
The lead is 300 cm long.

Other size specification see pictures. This set can also be extended. A connector for extension is included.

Please note:
The LED tubes are all traversed at different times with the "Snowfall" effect, ie. the light spots fall into all tubes at different times, as shown in the video's. This makes the effect so special. Often tubes are sold in which the light in all the tubes simultaneously falls down. However, this ore a "chaser effect" represents.

Our SnowfallTM quality products are constantly monitored and developed. So a high standard of quality is guaranteed.

Check out our videos and see for yourself flowing from the beauty light. Showing some examples.

LEDs are resistant to conventional lamps very low in energy consumption. The lifetime is unbeatable at about 50,000 hours. The LED technology produces less heat than bulbs.

Information for retail, hotel and commercial:
We also do special products for indoor and outdoor use specially for decorating large surfaces or facades. The LED Effect tubes are available in lengths up to 0.5 meters.
Please contact us for this.


led snowfall curtain christmas lights

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