SnowMotion Eisregen Eiszapfen

Snowmotion LED icicle lights freezing rain chain in different variants. Snowmotion with Schnefalleffekten, NoMotion with fixed light or flash motion with a combination of fixed light and Flashlights. See also the respective product videos. The icicle lights are available in different colors.

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Icicle Christmas Lights in different versions and lengths.

Snowmotion icicle lights chain:
With "Snowdon" effects. Falling light dots simulate snow, different speeds can be set. Please watch our product videos.

Flash Motion icicle lights chain:
Standing light in conjunction with Flashlight LEDs. Pleasantly quiet in between with flash effects. Please watch our product videos.

NoMotion icicle lights chain:
Only with fixed light, all LEDs light up without effects. Classically, quiet and decorative.

All lights are available in warm white (yellowish light, like light bulb), cool white (pure white or with a slight blue tint). Some icicles lights are also available in blue.
The chains are usually attached to the roof or gutters and statements on roof overhangs.