sofa cushions made to measure

sofa cushions made to measure

sofa cushions made to measure

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Sofa cushion sofa cushion back cushion made to measure. Here further materials and colors to choose from. Custom sizes for your couch or sofa. Choose customized pillows we created from more than 30 colors -Your individually choise. All pads are equipped on the long side with a zipper. So the cover can be easily removed and washed.

Why a bespoke of HomeFavorit?
We attach importance to the quality and longevity of our materials. For example, the abrasion resistance is deselben using the "Martindale" determined. Our fabrics have a scrub resistance of over 25,000 abrasion cycles, which standardized substances (10,000-15,000) far exceeds.
Our fabrics have a stain protection and with a sun protection factor. Customised products are manufactured with a zipper and are therefore removable and washable.
We want you to have long friends in your products. For complicated dimensions we advise you personally.

Our fabrics for the perfect back cushions:

Excalibur fabric (as pdf-file): 
This fabric is made of 100% PES fabric upholstery and has 340g / m², with these properties is the substance most abrasion resistant (Martindale 25,000), tensile strength: 2050N (chain), 2065N (shot), abrasion resistance: 96.000 RUB lightfast: 5, washable, Merlin Magic ®.

Amaro Stoff (as pdf-file): This material consists of a top fabric with 100% polyester upholstery fabric and a lower fabric with 70% PES + 30% cotton and has 370g / m², Additional equipment: stain protection. These characteristics make the material particularly resistant to abrasion (Martindale 25,000) and abrasion resistant, lightfast: 4, washable.

Camelot Stoff (as pdf-file): This fabric is made of 100% PES polyester fabric and has 480g / m², the tensile strength is 3366N (chain), 1242N (shot), abrasion resistance:> 100,000 rub, lightsfast: 5, MerlinMagic®.

Quality features: Soft cover is equipped with a zipper, it can easily be removed and cleaned (hand or machine wash up to 30 degrees). Round perfect properties for a durable use. The fabric is comfortable and equipped with a higher grammage than standard pillows. This means the fabric is thicker and therefore more resistant.

MerlinMagic® prevents the penetration of a patch, not by a single solid film on the fabric, but by billions of nano-films. MerlinMagic® holds even after 20 household washes (ISO 6330) a water-repellent effect (DIN EN 24920) of> 80% and an oil-repellent effect (DIN EN ISO 14419) of> 4. Note: stain resistant function in a dry state.

The back cushions have a ticking (inner cushion) which is filled with fluffy foam flakes (no cotton wool, fleece or other low-quality filling materials). So a comfortable away from comfortable sitting is guaranteed. The ticking is washable up to 30 Grad. Foam tested and quality checked according Oeko-Tex Standard 100th, free of pollutants, German production.

Select your favorite color and order your individual sofa cushions, back cushions or couch cushions just online. Delivery : 14 days, the items will be custom built to your specifications. Your measurements can not be found or do you need special custom? Please get in touch with us, we are happy to create your individual offer.

sofa cushions back pillows made to measure

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